Helping Communities Work strategies are designed to broaden the socioeconomic value proposition of CRA compliance and other community reinvestment programs. In the process, we are positioning a 300 million dollar government investment in jobs creation to serve as catalytic capital for an enterprise focused on place-based impact investing and foreign direct investment. The plan takes advantage of new banking legislation regarding large bank deposits and is currently exploring a potential connection to Opportunity Zones and affordable homes. 

The strategy is designed to help achieve the outcome expectations of the original government investment and consequently attract additional public and private sector financial support to the Appalachian Region and across the United States. The objectives are to close the skills gap, create job opportunities, support entrepreneurship and small business development and cultivate an innovative global landscape for place-based impact investing and foreign direct investment.

Helping Communities Work also responds to the final report of the Task Force on Apprenticeship Expansion, which encourages apprenticeship branding. "Banking on Apprenticeship in Appalachia" is a brand campaign designed to showcase the commitment of banking industry stakeholders in Appalachia to the advancement of steam, financial and entrepreneurship education and work-based learning.