“Society grows great when older people plant trees under whose shade they shall never sit.” 

Helping Communities Work expands the socioeconomic scope, impact and geographic reach of the Encore Opportunity Zone Fellowship, which is being hosted by the Center for Social Change (C4SC). http://www.encore.org - https://www.4socialchange.org/encore-opportunity-zone-fellowship/ 

For the first time in U.S. history, people over 60 out number people under 18, raising fears of widening generational divides. Encore sees another way and tells a new story through generational solidarity. Encore is composed of older activists, innovators and leaders, standing with younger allies to bridge divides, connect across generations and create a better future together.

Encore Gen2Gen Innovation Fellowships are being designed to help create a post-Covid world that puts generational connection and collaboration front and center in ways that benefit all ages, solve critical social problems and mend our fraying social fabric.  https://encore.org/encore-fellowships